What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

When you search for something on the internet, a huge amount of results appear but the user is unlikely to go beyond the first page. If he doesn't find what he wants, in all likelihood, he will repeat the search with different or more specific terms. Search engines put in the first positions the results that they believe are most appropriate to the specific request. The evaluation of the "conformity" of the result is based on a multitude of evaluation elements. This evaluation is almost never carried out by humans (even if Google is investing heavily in this modality) but rather by programs that analyze the pages of the website and everything connected with it. In addition to the phrases and words of the contents, these softwares (also called "crawlers", "spiders" or "robots") collect a series of information relating to the quality of the code, the response speed of the server, the speed of loading pages, the geographical location,the presence of words in the text highlighted in various ways, the amount of files that depend on the page, analyze the "tags" (which are specific descriptions of the pages and images) and the links (both incoming and exiting) evaluating its consistency and quality. These analyzes are not limited to the site but also to social media shares, how many sites talk about you, how many users browse your site and how long they spend there, if there is content of dubious taste or criminal, if the site fits the phones or tablets, if there are reviews or comments about your site, etc. The internal structure of files and directories is also evaluated, if there is a site map, if there are special codes to make you recognized and indexed by the various search engines, if you are affiliated with quality and safety assessment sites, if there is a physical place of your business, in short, I could go on for a long time but I think you get the idea.

The work to improve the visibility of a web page is long and complicated and must be continuously updated. A painstaking work that takes longer than the creation of the website itself. Furthermore, the results are not immediate but visible only after a few months. Therefore it is not possible to proceed with attempts but it is necessary to know what to do and how to do it.
In conclusion, if you don't want your site to get lost in the endless sea of the web, if you don't want to pay to be visible (often paid results, if not used carefully, are considered as a shortcut to have visibility at the expense of prestige and seriousness of your site and your business); if you want to be found in the results of search engine queries, if you want your site to gain credibility and prestige then you need to take action to improve the position of your web pages.

Remember that most of the time, whoever builds your site has no idea how SEO works. And I'm not talking about the small graphic design agency or your friend who fiddles with it, but about companies specialized in the renewal of the corporate image. In short, even those who have excellent experience in the field of image, communication and the creation of websites often do not have the ability to intervene on SEO. How to recognize who has these skills? Just see the ranking of its pages in the search engines. If you have found me with a targeted search it means that I know what I am doing. There is no better business card in this field.


Indexing and optimization of the website and internet pages for search engines.

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