About me

Nutritionist e Neurochemist qualified in the National Register of Italian Biologists (Sez. A 056516).
I have obtained my Doctorate in Biological Science (Neurobiology and Physiology), at the University of Rome (Italy) "La Sapienza". I have done my internship as a researcher in Biochemistry e Molecular Biology at the 'Istituto di Biologia Cellulare' del C.N.R. (Rome, Italy), investigating neurotoxic aspects related to animal and vegetable toxins and psychoactive substances.
I worked as a researcher at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where I consolidated my experience in presynaptic neurotoxins in the study of human physiology and the nervous system.
I also dealt with inflammatory processes, including autoimmune ones, and related pharmacology working in clinical research. I obtained the Master in Dietology and Clinical Nutrition at the Higher Education Institute(IAF) in Rome. I have studied in-depth aspects concerning the quality of nutrition and short or intermittent fasting and pathological and physiological aspects relating to diabetes, microbiota (intestinal flora), lipid balance, oxidative stress as well as the use of diagnostic tools based on AI.
From a neurobiological point of view I am interested in psychobiotics which deals with underestimating the influence of the intestinal microbiome on the nervous system through what is called the "gut-brain axis" and in eating disorders.
I dealt with pediatric nutrition working in developing countries addressing issues related to both malnutrition and excess weight. I work as a professional biologist and nutritionist, both privately and in collaboration with scientific research institutes and / or non-profit organizations operating in disadvantaged social realities in developing countries. I am an advocate of eco-sustainable natural nutrition and the Mediterranean diet.