Nutritional Consultancy

Digital Image Plethysmography (DIP).
Body composition with a single photograph.
The DIP technique allows to perform a nutritional visit through the image of the body profile. This technique, based on artificial intelligence (AI), allows the nutritionist to quantify and determine the distribution of fat and lean masses for the evaluation of the nutritional status.

Digital Body

How does it work

  • smartphone
  • You only need your smartphone
  • image
  • Take a picture, following the instructions below.
  • email
  • Send the photo, your personal data and the privacy disclaimer
    by email at or by Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp (+39 347 8289216)
  • interview
  • Communicate directly with the nutritionist via chat and videochat.
    The interview lasts about 30-45 minutes.
  • pay online
  • Pay by bank transfer, credit card or paypal when you will be given the details of the payment and receive the report.

How much does it cost

Full visit €70,00
Follow up visit €40.00

Alessandro Mastrogiacomo Ph.D.

mobile  +39 347 828-9216

Chat and videochat via Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, Skype, Google Meet.

Instructions for a suitable image

Photography is essential to carry out a correct analysis and therefore must be done by carefully following the instructions below. Once you have obtained the suitable image, you can deliver it according to the modalities that will be communicated to you by the nutritionist. Call +39 347 8289216 for further clarification.

Image analysis

The analysis for the determination of body composition values is performed laterally in the area of the body that goes from the eyes to the ankles.


The background must be homogeneous in order to obtain adequate contrast to highlight the silhouette.

Body Image

The body image must be well defined to obtain an adequate silhouette for the analysis.

Special precautions

Care must be taken not to create interruptions of the body profile. Above all, check the position of the arm and legs which must remain perfectly aligned and internal to the profile of the body.

Scientific validation

It seems almost impossible that a visit can be made through the analysis of a photograph. It is not magic, it is a method validated by scientific studies and comparative data with classical investigation techniques such as DEXA or bio-impedancemetry.
For further information read the most significant scientific articles:
1) Is Digital Image Plethysmographic (DIP) Acquisition a Valid New Tool for Preoperative Body Composition Assessment? A Validation by Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (2006)
2) A Smartphone Application for Personal Assessments of Body Composition and Phenotyping (2016)

The images sent will be protected according to the the legislation on EU privacy protection. Your data will be accessible only to the nutritionist and protected by professional secrecy as well as any oral or written communication.
Download and fill in the privacy form.

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