Digital Image Plethysmography (DIP)

What is it?

The nutritional examination with a single photograph.
The technique allows to determine the body composition through the image of the body profile. Based on artificial intelligence ( AI ) and scientifically validated, it allows the nutritionist to quantify and determine the distribution of fat and lean masses in the evaluation of state of nutrition .

How does it work

  •  You only need your smartphone
  •  Take a profile picture, following the instructions, which you can find here or on the button at the end of the section.
  •  Send the photo, your personal data and the privacy policy according to the modalities & agrave; that will be communicated to you.
  •  Communicate via chat and videochat directly with the nutritionist . The duration of the interview of about 30-45 minutes.
  •  Pay conveniently by bank transfer, credit card or paypal when you will be given the details of the payment and receive the report.
  • Contact me

    Alessandro Mastrogiacomo PhD
    +39 347 828-9216


Instructions for the photo

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