Web Services

HTML5 web designing. Clean and minimalist websites.

  • Responsive Websites: Responsive HTML5 web design. Webpages adapt to different navigation devices.
  • W3C and SEO Optimization: Code validation, indexing and optimization of webpages for search engines.
  • Landing pages and showcase: Creation of landing pages for launching promotional campaigns and showcasing product display and other marketing strategies for startups or boosting existing businesses.
  • Multilingual sites: English, French and Italian translation of texts by native speakers.
  • Webpages Layout: Choose clean and minimalist models like Pixelarity in HTML5.
  • Scientific Writing: Editing and translation of scientific and technical texts.
  • Customer Service 24-7: Telephone, Signal/Telegram and email support in real time.

Check out a website made by me or explore my web design history from the origins of the web.

Curious about your website health? send me the address of the webpage you want to test for free.

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